Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mishneh Lamelech on the Torah, by an anonymous author. Not anonymous for long though

Above is photographs of the title page of Mishneh Lamelech, a chassidic commentary on the Torah. The publisher of the book, who reprinted the book after it's first printing in 1901, was the brother in-law of the author. As to the author of the book the publisher writes:
ולא פרסם שמו עליו מטעם הכמוס (כן אמר בפה קדשו) ויראתי לשנות מכפי רצון קדשו
he did not publish his name, for hidden reasons (so he said with his holy lips) and I feared to change from his holy request

His fear of his holy brother-in-law didn't last for long though. At end of book, he published a ten page biography of the author, whom he identifies as being his brother-in-law Rabbi Elazar Weissbloom, of Reischa, known as Rabbi Elazar Reischer.

The biography of the author at end of book

He writes how the first edition of the book, was extremely rare and only a few copies survived. He thanks R. Yakir Biegeleisen who supplied him with his only copy. The book is indeed quite rare, the only library with a copy is JNUL, though Otzar Hachochma has a copy uploaded as well.
Thanking  R. Yakir Biegeleisen

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