Sunday, November 10, 2013

How we lost the writings of the Magen Avraham, Rabbi Avraham Gombiner on Zevachim & Menachot

Renaissance Hebraica Facsimile of Magen Avraham 1732 Amsterdam
In the introduction to the works of Magen Avraham on the Tosefta, published by his grandson, in Amsterdam, in 1732, he details how the manuscripts of the Magen Avraham were distributed amomngst family members and others. He writes how the Magen Avraham, Rabbi Avraham Gombiner, wrote a commentary on Zevachim & Menachot as well, but the "hands of strangers have gotten control over it as a loan and it is now impossible to get it out of their hands to be able to publish it, to merit the people who want to quench their thirst for his writings"
Until today, these works have not been found or published.

A bibliographic oddity about this book is that the name of the author Rabbi Avraham Golbiner, is not mentioned in the book or on the title page, rather he is referred to as the בעל מגן אברהם.

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