Thursday, November 14, 2013

Making a Haskamah from a non-Haskamah by not ever needing a Hashkamah ספר מגלת אסתר: עם באור דבר ישועה 1892 Jerusalem

In 1892, R. Netanel Hayyim Pape originally the Rav in Antopal published a commentary on Megillat Esther titled Devar Yeshua in Jerusalem where he recently moved. There are no approbations in the book, but at the end of book he more than makes up for it in a roundabout way.

After writing that he was forced to not place approbations in the book due to the financial burden of publishing, he goes on to write at the end of the book and publishes a letter he received in reply to a request for a Haskamah from Rabbi Shmuel Salant. Rabbi Salant states that it is his practice to refrain from giving Haskamot but that he looked through the book and he says that truth is a Haskamah would not even be necessary for such a book, as anyone who reads it is bound to find things to his liking. 

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