Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A "hieroglyphic" inscription in a copy of בן המלך והנזיר published by R. Moshe Hagiz

Facing the title page of a copy of Ben Hamelech Vehanazir edited and published by R. Moshe Hagiz appears a handwritten inscription, photographed above, which translates to
(אין לך אדם שאין לו שעה (פרק ד משנה ג אבות

hat-tip: Rabbi Moshe Plutchok

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  1. What is that inscription trying to say on this book anyway? By the way, I'm hearing great stuff about this blog & I think it's for good reason. Please keep all of these interesting posts coming! I will point out though that your blog has a tremendous advantage over others - It's coming from a used book seller who gets to handle hundreds (or thousands) of books daily, but I guess they say life isn't always fair.