Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Chassidic students' version of והיו עיניך רואות את מוריך A new trend?

Though the verse in Isaiah  (Isaiah 30:20) והיו עיניך רואות את-מורֶיך does not refer to teachers in any way, rather to G-d, in many circles, it has come to mean visualize your Rebbe in front of you all day. I have seen an increasing trend in recent years of students placing photos of their "Rebbe" in every Gemara volume they use. Yesterday, I acquired a library from a home and found a photo of the Satmar Rebbe placed neatly near every name in the Gemara volumes, I have found in the past various other Rebbe photos as well.
Is this a way of promoting a fear of G-d or perhaps bordering on idol worship?

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