Saturday, October 4, 2014

Selections of Piyutim said in Germany under Nazi Rule

Within a Wilhemsdorf, Germany edition of a Selichot volume, I found 3 separate sheets of paper. Each contains the list of Piyutim chosen by the congregation to be recited that year on Yom Kippur for each of the prayers. Over the generations, German Jewry had accumulated numerous different Selichot Prayers and the custom developed to rotate the selections for each year, thus ensuring that none would be forgotten and that all shall be said at least occasionally. The 3 sheets were for the year 5736 (1935), 5737 (1936) and 5739 (1938).

below are other such selections from the period which I came across, one printed and one typewritten

hat-tip: Dr. S. Sprecher

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