Saturday, October 4, 2014

Flyers for a Candidate in Israeli Elections in Judeo-Arabic - Ashkelon 1960s

 In the 1960s, Rabbi Reuven Ben David VeYosef, a Moroccan Rabbi ran for the city elections in Ashkelon. A large population of the city were Moroccan Jews and political flyers promoting him as canditate were published in Judeo-Arabic!

Notice on back wrapper the mention of the candidate being an example of Torah Im Derech Eretz.

The candidate, Rabbi Reuven Ben David VeYosef, was a learned Rabbi and author of several Rabbinic works. In Morocco, he headed the Otzar Hatorah branch in the town of Ben-Ahmed, and in Israel, he was active for many years on the political scene in Ashkelon within the Mafdal party. His son recently held the position of Deputy-Mayor of Ashkelon.

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