Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Manuscript written while in hiding from the Tsar's Army by Rabbi Tuvia Yehuda Guttentag Av Bet Din of Sochocin

Appended to the front and end of an 1884 edition of Samlah Chadasha and Tevuot Shor, I found 2 pages at each end of a manuscript of notes and commentary on the book. The manuscript was written by Rabbi Tuvia Yehuda Ben Alexander Tzvi Guttentag  Av Bet Din of Sochocin.

Otzar Harabbanim describes him as (6762): born in 1892, Rav Gaon VeHassid...Sofer Mahir, Rav in Sochochin, in 1936 made Aliyah to Tel Aviv.  Passed away in 1953, authored Tal Leyisrael, Ateret Tuviah and Eretz Tova and other Sefarim. He also published a Hesped on the Ger Rebbe, titled Evel Kaved.

R. Guttentag  signed several times on free-ends of the books and there are several stamps of his in the book as well. Several margin notes in his handwriting appear in the book as well. The handwritten pages contain his own commentary on the book Samlah Chadasha and Tevuot Shor.

At end of his writings, R. Guttentag writes "הערות אלו כתבתי בעיר קולשק בשנת תרס"ג בהיותי שם ימים אחדים מסתתר מחמת האורב הרוסי שבקש לתפסני לעבודת הצבא"

which translates as "These comments were written in the city of Kolshek, in my stay there for a few days in hiding from the Ambushing Russians who were searching for me to conscript me to the Army"

 "הערות אלו כתבתי בעיר קולשק בשנת תרס"ג בהיותי שם ימים אחדים מסתתר מחמת האורב הרוסי שבקש לתפסני לעבודת הצבא"

Free-end of book

Stamps of Rabbi Gottenberg 

Title page of book it is appended to


  1. you would have enjoyed Rabbi Reisman's shiur this Motzeh Shabbat in Achi Ezer spoke about the printing press and history of printing

    1. I have been told that he took out to show the listeners at the lecture, a Renaissance Hebraica Facsimile of an early Mahzor which was purchased from me a few weeks ago.

  2. Did he tell the crowd where it was purchased? That would be a great advertisement.

    1. That would have been nice, but unfortunately not. Though we are the exclusive sellers of Renaissance Hebraica Facsimiles, so if you want a book like the one he displayed, there is only one place to get it.

    2. Yes I heard you carry them & they are gorgeous. I also heard that the price you ask for them is a lot cheaper than R.C.Reich OMB would charge in his lifetime. Is there a way I can see them or are they only available to walk in customers?

    3. You can view our list of available titles here
      unfortunately, we don't yet have it on our website, but we should be getting it up soon enough

  3. "... 1884 edition of *Simlah* Chadasha"

    (If the 'a' was intentional, to denote a patach, then the 'l' would have to come before the 'm' as in "Salmah Chadasha"; Kings I 11:29. In any case, R' Shor named it Simlah Chadasha, not Salmah Chadasha)