Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Wisdom of Rabbi Asher Anshel Kraus and how he prevented a plane crash - a modern Hasidishe Ma'ase

In 1980, Rabbi Asher Anshel Kraus, the Ratzfert Rebbe and editor of the "Di Torah Velt" made a trip to the Holy Land and Hamaor published a detailed description of his trip spanning several issues of the Journal.
On page 37 of the Tishre-Heshvan 5781 issue of Hamaor describes the plane trip of the Rebbe and his hasidim and notes the Rebbe's great wisdom.
"The Rebbe asked them (his talmidim) with a microphone that they should not all crown in one spot (around him) on the place, so as not to put too much weight on one side of the plane and there will be a great danger chas veshalom of the plane tipping over".

Thank God the talmidim had the wisdom to listen and from what I know, the plane made it safely to Israel.
I researched high and low and could find no source for his fears though, and it appears that there is no possibility of a plane tipping in such circumstances.

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