Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Halachic Side of The Baba Sali, Rabbi Israel Abuhatzeira A MANUSCRIPT IN HIS HANDWRITING

The Baba Sali, Rabbi Israel Abuhatzeira is famous for his being a kabbalist and his ability to perform miracles through prayers. What's less known about him, is that his early life was spent being the Rabbi of the Jewish Community in Arfoud, and Boudnib, as well as being the head of the Bet Din.

Someone brought in recently a large manuscript of over 100 pages, to evaluate for insurance purposes. The Manuscript is a ledger from the Bet Din where the Baba Sali presided, in his early years, while still in Morocco. The cases described in this ledger are mostly divorces that they processed, and each case is described meticulously in the manuscript, written by the court's scribe. At the end of each case, is a signature of each of the 3 members of the Bet Din including the Baba Sali, who headed it at the time. The cases are all dated in the 1930s, the Baba Sali was still in his early thirties then! A great reminder from the days when becoming a Kabbalist was preceded by having an encyclopedic knowledge of all sections of the Torah.

Below are some sample photos from the discussed manuscript

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