Monday, October 28, 2013

The testimony of the Pne Yehoshua on R. Zevi Hirsch of Gologory (d. 1766) author of אור צבי 1875

In 1875, in Lemberg, אור צבי by Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch of Gologory was printed for this first time. It received several Haskamot including one from Rabbi Joseph Saul Nathansohn. Nathansohn in his Haskamah notes an interesting story about the author, that the Pne Yehoshua, when he left Poland to Germany, stated that no one was left of his stature in Poland in חריפות other than the author of this work.
"ובאחד ההסכמות ראיתי כתוב לאמר כי הגאון בעל הפני יהושע עת נסעו מפולין למדינת אשכנז אמר שלא הניח איש גאון בחריפות כמו הגאון הלז"

Nathansohn's Haskamah
Hat Tip: Rabbi Eliezer Katzman

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