Sunday, June 23, 2013

The 1838 Printing of a commentary on Iyov by R. Simhah Arye b. Ephraim Fishel ha-Levi of Hurbisov, and the reason behind it.

R. Simhah Arye of Hurbisov published an extensive commentary on Iyov in 1834 in Lvuv. 4 years later, he reprinted the commentary in Warsaw, 1838. On verso of title page the author states that he still has 800 copies of the first edition which have not been sold, but as the government forbids him to import the books to his current home in Warsaw, he is reprinting them.

In his introduction the author gives three conditions to anyone who wants to read his work.
1. You are forbidden to read the book unless you have read the introduction in it's entirety.
2. You can not skim through or jump around the commentary, you must read it straight through, as all of the commentary is one continuous message.
3. You must first make sure to understand the translation of the Biblical text before reading the commentary.

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