Sunday, June 16, 2013

Book censorship is back ! IDF Officially Bans Hilchot Mezuzah Sefer

The Israeli Government has now joined the long standing Catholic tradition and hobby of banning Jewish Religious works. Unfortunately, throughout history, it was often apostates who were working for the censors who were the force behind the censorship throughout history, being exercised as late as 1901 on the first volume of the Jewish Encyclopedia, in which a passage relating to Alexander III. was blotted out in copies admitted into the czar's dominions. In the latest case, it was Anti-religious Jews who brought about the censorship as well.

The banned book, published by the IDF titled ספר מזוזה בצה"ל discussing the Halakhot of Mezuzah in the IDF, apparently did not fit the views of some of the Israeli public.The offending parts included a discussion on the requirement of a Mezuzah on a room that is used by non-Jewish soldiers as well, and a discussion regarding women affixing Mezuzot.

It turns out, that the halakhic views now have to be politically correct to be published. Zahava Gal-On a Meretz Knesset Member said "the problem with the Megalomaniacs in the IDF Rabbinate is, that they forget that they are still under the rule of the Israeli law and don't live in the Halakhic country which they fantasize about". The fact that the book is a halakhic work and not a world constitution is lost on her it seems. And this comes from a woman, who declared herself to be of "very liberal and pluralist views".

It will be seen in time if this will become a new trend in Israel, and we might perhaps be able to get back to those nostalgic middle ages, we all so miss. Other great candidates for censorship might include the Mishneh Torah ( stoning of Sabbath decorators), the Book of Joshua (Yehoshua killing Canaanites), the Talmud (very racist) etc.

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