Sunday, March 18, 2018

Remember the Sabbath day זכור את יום השבת, in a modern Maskil's fashion

Jewish History is rife with mass conversions to other religions and assimilation but the phenomenon of Jews who abandon their religion but are stuck up their neck in their Jewishness is a 18th and 19th century mostly European phenomenon. One of the few survivors of this breed is Prof. David Assaf, who inscribed a copy of a work he edited to Prof. Allan Nadler, with the following opening lines:
שבת קודש.. בעיצומו של יום
Shabbat Kodesh... in the middle of the Day

He signs off
רב ומגיד שיעור בבית המדרש דת"א דמתקרי אוניברסיטאט תל אביב

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