Sunday, March 18, 2018

a Talmud Yerushalmi, inscribed to and owned by a woman

It is unusual to see Rabbinic works owned by women, even more so a complex talmudic commentary such as this work I found, inscribed to her by the author. The book was a Talmud Yerushalmi, with commentaries, tractate Shabbat, with additional commentaries by R. Meyer Abovitz, published for the first time. It was published in 1926, Vilna.
On free-end, is an inscription by the author to his relative, Ronia Brooks and her husband, inscribed and signed by the author.
the inscription reads למזכרת לשארת בשרי האשה הכבודה והחשובה מרת ראניע ברוקס תחי' ולבעלה הנכבד מאת ש"ב המחבר
בשנים עשר לחדש סיון ה' תרפ"ו

Meyer Abovitz (מאיר בן ישעיהו אבוביץ; alternate spelling Meir Abowitz; born 1876 - died 1941) was a Rabbi and Rosh Yeshiva active in Mizrachi in Eastern Europe between the Two World Wars

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