Wednesday, January 3, 2018

So who wrote the Hanoch Albeck commentary to the Mishnah?

The Albeck Mishnah set can be found in many Jewish homes and libraries, but little is remembered of the fight as to who actually wrote the work. Chanoch Albeck, the stated author, was sued by Dr Mordechai Margalioth, professor of Talmud at Hebrew University accusing him of plagiarizing his own commentary. Below is a copy of the book, during the period where the court case was ongoing and a note to that effect:

Here is a news article stating the requirement to state the above note until the court proceedings are completed
- דבר, 01/07/1953

Here is an article from the result of the court case:
חרות, 29/12/1953

Hat-tip: Menachem Silber

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