Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Manuscript: Library catalog of Sally Guggenheim, Basel, Switzerland

Among a collection of rare books I acquired, was a Manuscript containing the  Library catalog of Sally Guggenheim, Basel, Switzerland.
Sally Guggenheim
 Solomon "Sally" Gugenheim (deceased 1937), was Consul General of Yugoslavia in Switzerland, prosperous businessman in the wool industry, one of Basel's most prominent community leaders, who additionally played an important role for Agudas Yisrael of Europe.

​On Guggenheim see here and here
​and Oma's Story ​(​Lucie Prenzlau​ pg. 8 ​et passim​)​

Much can be learned about a man and his beliefs or lack of beliefs from such a catalog, below see a few scans of the catalog for such examples.

In section above, Guggenheim goes an aside discussing the forged Yerushalmi on Kodshim of Friedlander

See under Besamim Rosh where he discusses the status of the author

Notice the presence of Mendelssohn's Beur. Of note is the total lack of any Kabbalistic works, even of the basic texts such as the Zohar
hat-tip: J. Djmal

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  1. It's interesting. He writes מי יודע אמיתת הדברים ש as it he was unsure, and then immediately writes parenthetically that its obvious the language is different than the other (i.e., the real) Yerushalmi.

    Just discovered this blog and all about you and your book store, via a link of the current seforim blog. I live out of town, would for sure otherwise be a regular. Kol Hakovod to you.