Wednesday, March 22, 2017

1942 Budapest Ikvuta Demeshicha on Mashiach's immenent arrival, a copy of Jew murdered in Auschwitz

A small book I recently catalogued contained a fascinating piece of a history, a light in to the dark chapter of human history, the war years for Jews in Hungary. Printed in 1942, the author, Rabbi David Yaakov Friedman, authored this book to covey that the horrors that befell and were occuring to the Jews in Europe were signs of the imminent coming of the Mashiach. He Writes on the title כי ממש כשל כח הסבל.. לאמץ ידים רפות ולחזק ברכים כושלות שלא להתייאש ח"ו
"Our ability to withstand the pain has literally reinforce our weakening hands and to strengthen our failing knees so we shall not despair heaven forbid"

The book includes as well the work צפית לישועה of the Chofetz Chaim

In the book appears the stamp of Arnold Breuer, of Sopron, Hungary, dated 9, April, 1943. Arnold Breuer was murdered by the nazis shortly after, his arrival in auschwitz was on 27 July, 1944, he was killed on 25 of Oct, 1944.

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