Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Correspondence of Prof. Joshua Bloch and the Archbishop of Canterbury

A copy of "Grammar of the dialects of vernacular Syriac : as spoken by the Eastern Syrians of Kurdistan, North-West Persia and the plain of Mosul, with notices of the vernacular of the Jews of Azerbaijan and of Zakhu near Mosul" printed in 1895 I came across, had some interesting correspondence tucked within.

The first letter, written by Prof. Joshua Bloch, Dept of Semitics at New York University and later Chief Librarian at the New York Public Library, addressed to the Archbishop of Canterbury's mission, who published the book, requests a copy of this title.

The response, sent by the Archbishop's secretary, dated 15 July, 1921, informs Bloch that all copies they had were sold out. They are not able to get additional copies, as their premises in Urmia, Persia, containing the printing press and stock room have been burnt by the Turks and Persians during the war.

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