Sunday, March 29, 2015

A book printed in Tunis sent as Mishloach Manot to Norman Bentwich from Gilbraltar

I recently came across an interesting inscription in a copy of Shu"t Rahamim Peshutim שו'ת רחמים פשוטים, which was published in Tunis in 1914. The author of the book, R. Raphael Hayyim Moses Benaim, was born in Tetouan, Morocco, moved with his family as an infant to Haifa and was Chief Rabbi of Gibraltar from 1881 until his death. The book was published by the author's children, David and Shalom of Gibraltar, David was the Israeli Consul in Gibraltar as w as his son, later on.
 R. Raphael Hayyim Moses Benaim

The book was inscribed by the sons of the author, and sent as Mishloach Manot to the Attorney General of Palestine, Norman Bentwich.

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