Friday, January 30, 2015

Rabbi Yekutiel Aryeh Kamelhar and his accusations of Plagirism of R. Simon Moses Chones and others

Rabbi Yekutiel Aryeh Kamelhar was a prolific writer in the early 20th century and wrote many books with biographical content of Rabbis amongst much else. One of his books, Dor Deah ספר דור דעה : [מערכה ב]: ארבע תקופות גאוני בתראי בשנות ת"ק-ת"ר, published in 1935, includes accusations of plagiarism of some prominent writers of the day, who plagiarized his books.

On Page 89 of this book, the author goes on a lengthy aside and accuses several rather prominent authors of plagiarizing from his previously published works. He starts off with accusing Simon Moses Chones for using his work in his own work in Toldot Haposkim, also accused is Dr Kotek in Geschichte Der Juden. A. Lazer the publisher in Tarnov is accused of republishing one of Kamelhar's works under his own name. R. Chaim Soniag of Munkatch is also accused of plagiarizing the biography of Rabbi Yehuda Hechassid of Kamelhar in his edition of Medrash Rabbi Yehuda Hechassid.

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