Friday, January 30, 2015

Mishneh Zikaron משנה זכרון published in Jerusalem and publishing completed in St Louis due to WWI

Mishneh Zikaron was authored by Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Singer, Rabbi in Buffalo, NY. WWI interrupted the printing process and created an unusual partnership in this publishing venture between the printing press in Jerusalem and Moinester's printing house in St Louis.

The book's printing began in Jerusalem in 1913. At end of book is stated that due to the war, the printing in Jerusalem was halted and the printing was completed in St Louis in the Moinester Printing Press. A look at the signatures in books shows that on page 136 a new set of signatures began indicating where the St Louis Printing began. Interestingly, JNUL has 2 copies of this book in their collection, both incomplete, containing only until page 136. Apparently these are copies that were sold before the printing was completed in the USA. The complete work, contains 214 pages. 

The book is filled with many interesting original thoughts of the author, here is his explanation for the source of the symbol Magen David:

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