Thursday, December 4, 2014

Rabbi Ahron Hyman and the quote אין נביא בעירו in his Bet Vaad Lechachamim

Rabbi Ahron Hyman ( 1863-1937) was a Rabbi, Scholar and author of numerous books. One of his most popular works is בית ועד לחכמים Bet Va'ad Lachachamim, an alphabetical collection of 30,000 Rabbinic sayings, found in the Talmuds, Medrash etc.

One of the phrases brought down in his book stands out. It appears that Hyman brought down the source to inform people that it's origin is indeed in the New Testament and not in Rabbinic Writings. The phrase אין נביא בעירו became widespread enough that it needed to be let known that the source is in the book of Mathew.

hat-tip: Menachem Silber

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