Sunday, September 28, 2014

The commentary Leket Bahir on Rashi and the change of tone in the language between the editions

Yeshaya Halevi Weiss was a learned busdriver from Monroe, New York, who wrote an excellent commentary on Rashi and on the Ohr Hachaim, which he named Leket Bahir and Ohr Bahir.
In his commentary on Rashi, he often takes the Sifte Chachamim written by Shabbethai Bass to task and in his commentary Leket Bahir often used very harsh words and verbal attacks against the Sifte Chachamim.

In his second edition, Weiss appears to have had a change of heart on this matter and a notice was placed following the title page stating:
אחרי שובי נחמתי מלבא ולצאת נגד הש"ח בלשונות חדים קשים ומדקירים. הלא דברי חכמים בנחת נשמעים......
Upon my return, I regret my coming and going against the Sifte Chachamim with harsh and sharp words like swords... words of the wise are accepted when said in a soft manner....."

The statement of the Author above in the second edition, retracting his harsh criticism of the Sifte Chachamim

The harsh words against the Sifte Chachamim were removed in the later editions, but the pagination and page layout was not changed, thus creating empty spaces in the middle of the text as seen in scans above.

hat-tip: Menachem Silber

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  1. you can see this issue mentioned in the הסכמות to the second edition.