Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Customer in Qatar building a library of Hebrew Anti-Zionist works by Rav Yoel Teitelbaum

I have sold books in the past to several customers of Muslim Faith in the Middle-East so was not all too surprised when an order came in from Qatar, but his choice of books was rather depressing to say the least.
After making several purchases of Hebrew grammar and language instruction works, he went on to purchase a slew of Satmar Anti-Zionist works, starting with Vayoel Moshe and down to current living Anti-Zionist Satmar authors.
Here is a look at his most recent order

Sometimes you wonder if Rav Yoel Teitelbaum intended his teachings to continue and be preached in the current situation in Israel, where lives are literately at stake when Jews preach Anti-Zionism or if Rav Yoel's teachings were intended for his time and place and perhaps he himself would have changed his ideology in light of the current times, when most of the Jewish People in the world live in Israel and it is the center of Torah Study in the world. It is safe to say though, that the authors of these Anti-Zionists works did not intend for there books to be read in Qatar, now the safe-haven of Hamas, and ultimately be used in an excuse to push the Jews towards the Mediterranean Sea.

Instead of cancelling the order, I sent his shipment along with free extras, of more balanced books on Zionism, with hopes that it might be of some influence.


  1. ugh
    מצא מין את מינו

  2. Maybe he's the same guy that his order from Z.Barmen was denied. An invoice of that transaction was on social media very recently.

  3. Perhaps he is building a library so he can entertain some Neture Karta guests who come to visit Hamas Leaders who are now based in Qatar. Maybe if he makes it really nice and welcoming they will stay there and we won't have to deal with them

  4. "and down to current living Anti-Zionist Satmar authors."

    I don't see these/

    1. There were several orders placed, the above snapshot is just a sample