Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tenuvot Yehuda תנובת יהודה by Rabbi Reuven Fink An Interesting Bibliographical Note

Rabbi Reuven Fink (נולד תקצ"ה - נפטר תר"ס) authored a book titled Tenuvot Yehuda. The author writes on the title page, that any student of the talmud and it's commentaries who wants to study my book and can not afford it, shall reach out to me and I'll send him a copy for free.

The place of printing is described as Cracow, published by Yosef Fischer and dated 1896. On the title it states that the printing started in Tevet 5695 (1895) and halted in middle, until the author approached the printer Fischer in Cracow and through him the printed was completed in Adar 5696 (1896)...

At end of book, in the errata, the author writes how the mistakes are all the fault of the first publisher and for the sake of the first publisher he will not mention his name.
A look at the fonts used in the book shows that the first publisher published until page 98, the balance of book, as well as title, errata and introduction were published by the second publisher, in Cracow.

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