Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rabbi Yedidya Tia Weil Attesting to the scarcity of Selichot following the customs of the Jews of Alsace

I found an interesting variant of the 1782 Sultzbach Printing of the Selichot Minhag Alsace, with an extra page preceding the title page, containing a Haskamah from Rabbi Yedidya Tia Weil, who served as Av Bet Din of Karlsruhe and Baden as successor to his father, Rabbi Netanel Weil, since 1770.
He writes in the Haskamah
"ספו תמו אף הבלאות... Even tattered copies have been depleted"
Selichot with Alsace Minhagim have been published before this edition several times, including in 1722, 1750 and 1756 in Amsterdam and Fuerth.