Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Karaite Version of the Disclaimer regarding the Mention of עכו"ם Gentiles in Hebrew Books

For hundreds of years, for fear of accusations by the Christians in whose lands they resided, all books printed in Christian lands came with a standard disclaimer, that all mention of gentiles in the book was in reference to the gentiles who lived thousands of years ago and were pagans and not to their benefactors in whose countries they lived...

Karaite books also included such a disclaimer, with a few slight interesting variations.
Below are a few examples from Karaite works.
"וחסד עם הקראים החוסים תחת כנפיהם"
"They show kindness to the Karaites that dwell under their protection"

"כי לא כגויים שהיו בימי החכמים הקדמונים"
"Not like the nations that existed in the time of the ancient sages"

"אבל העמים שבזמננו את ה הם יראים ונותנים כבוד לתורתו"
"The nations of our day fear the Lord and give honor to his teachings"

ספר המבחר-גאזאלאוו

Rennaisance Hebraica Facsimile of Eshkol Hakofer-Gozalov Printing

Rennaisance Hebraica Facsimile of Etz Chaim-Gozalov Printing

Rennaisance Hebraica Facsimile of Etz Chaim-Gozalov Printing

For comparison, here are some examples from Rabbinic works
From Peles Hayyim

from a Slavita Siddur

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