Monday, August 19, 2013

When Books are meant to be yours, they'll find you

About a month ago, I visited an old synagogue in Mass. that has closed it's doors. I purchased about 1000 books from the 5000 books in their library, leaving behind 4000 books which I could not use, Prayerbooks, 1940s Jewish Bestsellers, partial sets etc. Nice books, but books we really did not need in our store.
A few days ago, a good friend, calls me to tell me he has a van-load of books for me. We met up last night in the store and as we start unloading the books I discover that the books I was bringing in now to my store, were the very same books I had turned down at the Mass. Synagogue. It seems the books were meant to be by me, regardless of my own interests.
Turns out that my friend was contacted by the synagogue after I had taken what I wanted and offered the balance. Someone had driven out 2 hours each way, packed and loaded the books and then had them brought to our store after I had voted against them. Part of life as a Bookseller- the Theatre of the Absurd.

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