Thursday, April 25, 2013

Interesting stamp of a Rabbi from Lodz RABBI MENACHEM YOSEF HALEVI SEGAL

I just got in an 1883 Jusefef edition of Ruach Chen by R. Judah b. Samuel ibn Tibbon. There are several stamps in the book of Rabbi Menachem Yosef Halevi Segal of Lodz. He is mentioned in several Rabbinic works of his era see for example ילקוט יצחק by יחיאל יצחק בן אפרים פישל בערמאן printed in Warsaw in 1937.
His stamp seen in photo above is a circle surrounded by his full name and enclosed within, is his description "רב דתי ורשמי חבר ועד הרבנים לאדז"  roughly translating as "A religious and official Rabbi on the Rabbinate of Lodz".
The situation must have been very dire indeed for a Rabbi to have to advertise that he was 'Dati" religious.


  1. Isn't that Josefov, the Jewish quarter in Prague?

    1. I think it is Józefów, spelled יוזעפף on the title page. It is just outside Warsaw, Poland