Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Advertisment for a Jewish Bookseller in London 1904, R. Mazin et Co

Selling books was a much larger operation a century ago. Take a look at this advertisement publishing in Ahiasaf 1904, for R. Mazin et co Booksellers in London. They sold new, used, rare books, were bookbinders, sold wholesale, sold retail, published books, bartered books, sold books on consignment as well. Books were not all they sold, tefillin, torahs, mezuzot, albums, greeting cards..... portraits, music sheets.....Journals in all languages... the list goes on and on.
Wat happened to all London's bookbuyers, I will find it hard to believe that such an operation can survive in today's London Jewish Community. If my math does not err me, today for a standard Jewish Community, you need one bookstore for every 100 Pizza Stores.
It's nice to see the ad call anything out of England Hutz La'aretz (חוץ לארץ), typical British imperialists, who think the world revolves around their empire.

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