Saturday, December 1, 2012

An outsider teaches me what is wrong with our society

Sometimes it takes someone from the outside to point out our problems to us. I received this email from a customer, and was left at a loss as to what to answer him.
"My children have auto immune issues so I had my DNA tested. Although I was raised as a Christian I have loved Hebrew and the"Old Testament" since my early 20s when I took a Hebrew class at college- it just came natural. I even ate virtually 100% Kosher, went to Synagogue and studied Torah on my own. My DNA came back with a stunning amount of Jewish markers-mostly Ashkenazi and eastern Europe/Western 'Russia'. However there is some Sephardic and Mizrochi. I was relating this to a Jewish friend and received a very odd comment at the Revelation of the Sephardic but especially Mizrochi. Why is this a problem? Why would someone who is observant look down on Mizrochi?"
Though much less prevalent in the diaspora than in Israel, it is odd, that just when we have our own homeland, and our enemies are less out in the open, we choose to quarrel between ourselves. May G-d protect us from ourselves.

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