Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hosting a Jewish Holocaust Denier in my store

What do you do when a well known Holocaust denier and "Scholar" visits your store? That's what I just had to deal with. Every so often, this man walks in to our store and stocks up on books on the Holocaust and "Palestine" for reference. Of Jewish birth, this fellow has managed to convince himself of all the classic antisemitic beliefs that you can think up. Naturally he believes the Israelis are causing a Holocaust in the Holy Land, and he has "proofs", though no proofs can ever seem to be good enough to convince him of the real Holocaust. And He believes Jews mix Christian blood in the Matzas, I'm not sure how he convinced himself of that one either. I also learned from him how the Israelis perpetrated 9/11 and that the war in Iraq was created by the Israelis just to knock out Saddam. And the Rothschilds financed the war to make more money. It goes on and on, it makes me sick to write this, so I'll stop for now.

Your first instinct when meeting such a man, is to let out your fist and send him for a walk. But on second thought, I realised that's all such a man needs, is another story to tell on his weekly radio show, about a Jew kicking him out of a store. So I let him be and tried to understand him, though didn't do too well with that either. It turns out that humans have this amazing ability to believe anything that want to believe if you give them some time. Recently, a book has been published "Pasque di Sangue," by Ariel Toaff has shocked Jewish communities around the world for giving credence to the age-old accusation, which is commonplace in anti-Semitic literature used to justify and promote the persecution of Jews. This Toaff is the son of Italy's Chief Rabbi. Give this info to a Antisemite like this and he has a party. This character is actually working on translating the book into English. There is no convincing that will "unconvince" someone like this.

I was greatly comforted after he taught me, that I am not part of the illuminati, as I am Sephardic, the Illuminati are only from the Ashkenazi Jews. The insanity just went on for a few hours that he spent in my store.

It was enjoyable to hear from him how great the Jews are, they are all rich, all powerful, control the entire world, win all their wars and how Iran really has no nuclear bombs. For a few minutes I felt really relieved, that there was no antisemitism, it was just a rouse by the elites and really all Christians love Jews, especially the Catholics. But then I remembered the millions of people who died for their religion and that all this is just a dream.
May God protect us from ourselves.

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