Monday, August 13, 2012

A Tattooed Kabbalist

I just picked up a collection of Kabbalistic books from an eccentric gentile. He had a variety of Hebrew tattoos on his body including אל on his neck and more but one struck me as odd enough that I had to ask. It read אבי ואמי עזבוני ויה-וה יאספני
Turns out, he was sexually abused as a child and somehow lost faith in family and all. Somehow, Kabbalah is now a big part of his life. I doubt that's what Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai had in mind, but if he can get something good out of it, I'm all for it.
He gave me a nice pshat in the Zohar; whenever the Zohar states that "They came and taught us" without specifying who, it refers to aliens coming and teaching the Tanaim Kabbalah. As they say שבעים פנים לתורה

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