Sunday, July 31, 2016

On the scarcity of books in the Displaced Persons Camps in Germany חוסר הספרים במחנות הפליטים

I recently came across an interesting letter written by a David Friedman in a Displaced Person Camp run by UNRRA in 1946. Describing the dire situation in the camps and asking for assistance, Friedman also writes אנחנו סובלים פה חוסר ספרים. מקום דירתנו פה ב"ה טוב, מי יתן שיהיה כמו כן בארץ..
"we suffer here from the scarcity of books. Our apartment here is is thank g-d good, if only it shall be as such in the holy land.."

Mentioned in the letter are the Pupa Rebbe, and Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak Neiman.

Hat-tip: J. Djmal

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