Monday, May 11, 2015

Love letters written by Jacob Fichman to his wife Batsheva During WWI מכתבי אהבה של יעקב פיכמן

I discovered recently a great trove of Hebrew Postcards sent from Jacob Fichman to his wife, after they were separated from each other during WWI. He moved from city to city and from job to job, for a while working for the publishing house Tushiya. She appears to have been in Chisinau and in Odessa during the war.

His letters bear a common theme, he is rather upset with Shevale, his nickname for his wife Batsheva, for not corresponding regularly and never at length. He also writes of his attempts to send her money, but that the war conditions were preventing any such transfer of funds. Much insights can be gleaned from his writings as to what life was like for a famous Hebrew Writer in the early 20th century and their struggles for financial stability.

Yaakov and Batsheva Fichman's joint tombstone

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