Monday, January 20, 2014

The Interlinear Hebrew-Yiddish school Pentateuch by Magil and his censoring of parts of the Bible

Magil's ליניען סקול חומש, Interlinear Hebrew-Yiddish school Pentateuch was one of the best selling books of his time, and was used and intended to be used by numerous Hebrew Schools in the early 20th century in the instruction of the Bible to students.
Interestingly, Magil removed the translations of selected portions of the Bible text which he determined were not suitable for children. One such portion, is the story of Yehuda and Tamar, which appear as such in the book:
the censored page, with no translation
The preceding page, uncensored

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  1. In 7th grade, Rabbi K_ explicitly had the class skip chapters 18 & 20 in Vayikra. So of course we went and read them, and couldn't understand what the problem was - this is all forbidden relations, not permitted ones, and eww - we weren't going to do them.

    In 8th grade he taught us Navi. Well, gave us notes for Navi while he spent his class time doing his B-school homework and getting backrubs from the kids. Well, by that time he had been teaching us for 3 years straight, and we had a lot of sympathy for his overworked life, between B-school and a new baby at home.