Sunday, September 1, 2013

6 titles by Prof. Shnayer Leiman are now available

We are delighted to be able to offer, the last copies of 6 titles of Prof. Shnayer Leiman. You can view the titles on our site here
These copies are the very last copies that are available, being sold by us for Prof. Leiman.

The Baal Teshuvah and the Emden-Eibeschuetz controversy

Adventure of the Maharal of Prague in London : R. Yudl Rosenberg and the Golem of Prague

Rabbi Jonathan Eibeschuetz and the Porger : a study in heresy, haskalah, and halakhah

Rabbinic responses to modernity by Shnayer Z Leiman
Prof. Leiman says that the above book is a must read for any Jew Today

שני קונטרסים : מאמר חקירה : על הכתר הנקרא כתר ארם צובה  /  סדר עבודת יום הכפורים : כפי שיטת הראשונים ... / מהרה׳׳ג ישכר אברהם געפנער with an introduction by Shnayer Leiman

שפת אמת : על פירש״י על נביאים וכתובים with an introduction by Shnayer Leiman

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